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The fast life in business often disallows a thorough analysis of consequences of principal decisions. Despite this, each responsible manager is aware of risks of an insufficient legal preparation and long-term unsustainability of the decision-making without high-quality legal support. During its existence, the law office has helped hundreds of companies to safely orientate themselves in the regulatory environment and achieve their goals to the satisfaction of shareholders, investors as well as management.

Whether it concerns a complex assessment of legal aspects of business plans and projects, corporate governance issues, contracts, business terms and conditions, internal guidelines, relationships with regulators or matters related to M&A, CL Business Programs provide for a complex legal care at the highest professional level. 

Sole Traders and Freelancers

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises


Large Corporations

For small and medium-sized enterprises, CL Business Programs represent a cost-effective possibility for ensuring a permanent compliance of all internal and external legal relationships with the legislative environment.


From contracts concerning, for instance, procurement and sale of goods and services, employment relationships, communication with public authorities and financial institutions, up to, for instance, relationships with investors, cross-border processes, GDPR and legal support in considerably regulated areas of business, CL Business Programs provide for a continual legal support for each small and medium-sized enterprise to the extent corresponding to the client´s actual needs.

CL Business Programs for small sole traders and freelancers represent a wide spectrum of covering legal needs based on business possibilities and requirements.


The scope of the care is set individually as per client´s specific needs, starting with simple flat rates for reducing an unforeseeable risk up to complex trade care programs, including, for instance, protection of intangible assets or cross-border structures necessary for the performance of project activities.

Additional Services

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Capitol Legal™ Networking

Complex legal care covering all requirements of the national and supranational legislative and regulatory environment is ensured by the 

CL Business Programs for large corporations. 


CL Business Programs for large corporations enable headquarters and organizational units to effectively secure claims for legal support by means of a higher professional level and at the same time with higher guarantees than through extensive internal legal departments.


The law office provides for a full scope of legal support for several even transnational corporations, whether it concerns internal or external policies, general business and other terms and conditions, supervision and compliance, corporate governance, relationships with regulators, feasibility studies, monitoring and analysis of legislative processes or cross-border mergers and other M&A activities.

Professional Associations | Chambers and Self-Government | Interest Groups | Business Clusters | Consumer Associations| Technical and Professional Communities | Other Networks of Natural Persons and Legal Persons

CL Business Programs can be integrated with some of the  CL Private Programs as well as within the framework of managerial or employee benefits.

The law office is insured against liability for damage caused by advocacy for up to EUR 3 million.

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