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Civil relations are bringing various situations, whether within the framework of family, property, consumer or employment relationships or other private activities. Based on long-term experience, it is obvious that it is more advantageous for citizens in terms of time and costs to know potential negative consequences before taking fundamental life steps then to solve them later.




CL Private Programs for citizens and families represent an available long-term care for legal needs of individuals as well as whole families.
The scope of the care is set individually as per client´s specific needs, starting with simple flat rates for reducing a unforeseeable risk up to complex family care programs, including, for instance, cross-border structures for intergenerational transfer and protection of property.

For the private persons, groups of persons but also whole families often entering into consumer relationships, the law office has prepared CL Private Programs for consumers, representing legal care focused on consumer rights and their enforcement.
Regardless of whether it is about securing personal calm during shopping via e-shops, solving vacation or protecting against unfair practices, e.g. when purchasing energy or financial services, the law office has precious experience in protecting any individual rights in consumer relationships.

CL Private Programs represent a reasonable choice in seeking continual legal care, while allowing for a significant reduction of individuals´ costs when compared to sudden needs for solutions of unpleasant consequences of various acts that have not been consulted in advance. 

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