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Digital Park III | Einsteinova 19

 851 01 Bratislava | Slovak Republic

+421 (0) 918 973 339

Billing information:

Capitol Legal Group, advokátska kancelária s.r.o.

IČO: 47 257 211

Obchodný register: Okresný súd Bratislava I, oddiel: Sro, vl. č. 103064/B

DIČ: 2120058688 | IČ DPH: SK2120058688


Cookie Files


In order to provide for high-quality and effective functioning of this website, we sometimes store small data files, the so-called cookies, on your device. It is a common practice of many majority websites.

Cookie Files
A cookie file is a small file being stored by a website in your computer or mobile device (smartphone/tablet, etc.) when browsing the website.

Thanks to this file, the website keeps information about your steps and preferences for some time (e.g., your login name, language, font size and other display settings); thus, when you visit the website again or browse its particular pages, you do not have to state them repeatedly.


Purpose of the Use of  Cookie Files
Our websites use  cookie files in order that we keep the following for the purpose of improving our services:

- your display preferences, e.g. settings of the colour contrast or font sizes;
- the fact that you have already responded to an inquiry displayed in a separate window (pop-up), through which you can express your opinion on the site content (it will not be displayed repeatedly);
- the fact whether you have agreed with the use of cookie files at this website by us or not.

We at the same time use cookie files for the purpose of an anonymous collection of statistical data on various visit rate attributes and interest in data disclosed by us, in order that we could thus ensure an effective communication via the website.

Permission for the use of cookie files is not necessarily required for the correct functioning of our website; however, it also serves for ensuring a better user comfort for you.  You can delete or block cookie files at any time. In such a case, however, it can happen that some website functionalities will not work as they should.

Information stored in cookie files will not be used for your personal identification and the data structure is fully under our control. Cookie files are not used for any purposes other than stated herein.

Other Cookie Files 
Some of our websites and sub-websites may use additional cookie files or cookie files other than stated above. In such a case, a special notice of the cookie files on the website in question will provide detailed information about their use. You can be asked to agree with storing such cookie files.

Control of the Cookie Files
You can check and/or delete the cookie files at any time at your discretion – details can be found at You can delete all cookies stored in your computer and set most of browsers in a manner disallowing their storage. In such a case, however, you will probably have to manually adjust some settings each time you visit the website and some services and functions will not work properly.


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