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The CL Community Programs ensure legal support for communities and for the public sphere. Regardless of whether it concerns the support of innovative companies, civil activities or public administration, the law office provides for legal advisory and representation for many clients of this type.


Third Sector


Public Sector

The CL Community Programs for the third sector represent the law office´s contribution to strengthening the civil society by providing such entities, under conditions adjusted to third sector specifics, with a similar scope of services as the CL Business Programs, while focusing on specific areas of law.


Civil associations, foundations and other public benefit purpose entities, projects and initiatives may benefit through the CL Community Programs for the third sector from simple or complex legal support regardless of whether it concerns the setting of internal relations, assessment of legal aspects of initiatives or legal advisory in the area of thematic concentration of a non-governmental entity.

The CL Community Programs for the public sector provide for a complex legal care for public administration authorities in areas defined by the applicable legislation.

Regardless of whether it concerns advisory for local self-government authorities, local or central state administration authorities or special authorities and public-service corporations, the law office has experience from the cooperation with such entities and provides legal advisory, including specific legal issues and areas provided for by the community law, particularly in the form of analyses and opinions or legal representation against public and private entities.

The CL Community Programs for startups represent a similar scope of services as the CL Business Programs under conditions adjusted to young innovative companies.

The scope of the care is set individually as per client´s specific needs, starting with simple assessment of legal risks up to a complex legal care, including, for instance, the preparation of internal and external policies or cross-border structures.


The additional services are also focused on specific needs of startups, such as, for instance, verification of business plans, valuations, or setting of fundraising schemes and contact with investors.

Given the fact that the legal services provided within the framework of the CL Community for start-ups are provided to a narrow range of clients, the law office stipulates the right for the purpose of a qualification for this program to assess each potential client individually.

The law office does not enter into the ownership structure of startup companies.

The CL Community Programs represent an effective legal care providing for a significant reduction of costs and risks caused by an unprofessional planning of legal acts.

The CL Community Programs can be integrated with some of the CL Private Programs, e.g. within the framework of managerial or employee benefits. 

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